The frame of SERO ELECTRIC vehicles is entirely made of highly-resistant aluminum. Its sides have a round shape and thus become more efficient in case of impacts. Such an aluminum structure optimizes the car net weight, which proves essential for its autonomy.

SERO`s challenge is to achieve an efficient unit as light as possible. The lighter the car is, the more autonomy kilometers you get.

Such frames are developed in our plant by qualified professionals. Due to SERO ELECTRIC simplicity, we have worked on the first units by assembly areas instead of production lines. It takes 16 man-hours to assemble and test each unit. At present, we keep on working to boost all processes.

Front and rear axles

SERO ELECTRIC vehicles are made of three main manufacturing parts. Front and rear axles, made in bent and welded tubes, have all the necessary elements to hold suspensions, steering box, engine and transmissions.

Safety and driving comfort were top priorities in their design. It has a MacPherson front suspension type and a suspended-arms rear one with special dampers for this kind of vehicle.

SERO has disk front brakes and drum rear brakes with a parking brake. Its low speed and regenerative feature ensures low wear of the braking system.