Image Safety

SERO was designed for a funny and easygoing driving experience with a low-cost maintenance. Our aim is to guarantee the highest safety standard. Its framework is built in a highly-resistant aluminum alloy. The front and rear axles are made of tubular steel to resist all kinds of impact.

Image Consumption

SERO ELECTRIC is a light four-wheeler with a limited speed of 45 km/h. Its 65km autonomy may fluctuate between 5% and 10% according to the use given. In the future, SERO ELECTRIC will optionally be powered by lithium batteries reaching a 120km autonomy.

Image Technology

SERO ELECTRIC comes with four AGM batteries of 12V each. Its traction is produced by a 48V synchronous three-phase engine and a cutting-edge electronic controller. The regenerative brake system makes the car batteries last longer. It has independent suspension on its four wheels, disk front brakes and drum rear brakes with a parking brake as well.
Its LED lights all over optimize energy consumption. All parameters are set according to the country of commercialization. Optional lithium batteries may be required.