SERO ELECTRIC design was inspired by European Microcars.

We aimed at manufacturing this type of vehicle here in Argentina to reach other markets later. Europe has specific legislation for this kind of units (called “Light Four-Wheelers”) and allows any person above 16, having previously passed a 5-hour exam, to drive the car around the city.

All this raised expectations of manufacturing a similar product as a local option of alternative mobility.

This project began in 2010 doing research, tests and weighing the chances for a local development in Argentina. We agreed with Star Lab (the Italian manufacturers) to do it here and also send some units to that market. It took us three years to research; develop technology, processes and parts to reach the final product.

We have developed matrices, moulds and parts that could not be replaced with others of local production; this fact boosted the development of suppliers. As years went by, we perceived that electric cars would become more and more relevant and so today we can find new developments of more autonomous batteries.

SERO ELECTRIC production will begin in 2015. We are working to manufacture the first 150 vehicles this year to move onto 250 annual units next year onwards.

Our idea and long-term goal is to produce cutting-edge electric cars with a longer autonomy and bring them into the market as an innovative driving option.